How to use the EaganMatrix (ContinuuMini) with other MPE controllers?

Mod note: Hardware synth for the Linnstrument? (previous title)

So I’m looking for a hardware synth for my Linnstrument. I’m not in a hurry, so I have time enough for researching. I’m actually pretty good covered with my iPad and the few MPE synths out there but there are some problems with this, the most important is distraction: it is too easy to get a new app, too easy to fire a sequencer, read too much in the Audiobus forum, buy a new FX… anything that is not playing the Linnstrument.

I thought about the Parva but you guys say it is not finished and I don’t have the patience and the knowledge to deal with unfinished synths.

The Micromonsta is really nice, it could be my thing. I asked the producer about MIDI over USB and a single audio jack and he told me that it was “physically impossible. Buy something else.” A direct, short even cute answer.

Medusa sounds good too and it has an “extra” controller. I have asked and they’ve been kind enough to answer but they haven’t tested with the Linnstrument (fair enough, there is already a built in controller, so why should they). Do you have any experience with this synth?

Modor NF-1 is a serious contender. The only thing I don’t like is that formant filter.

I’m not ready for more expensive synths like Black Corporation’s.

So what would you recommend?
I’d prefer USB-MIDI and audio jack out. No need for a computer (maybe yes for updates). Clean MPE (no voice per channel or long setting ups).

Thanks in advance.

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The EaganMatrix in the ContinuuMini might be worth serious consideration. Imho one of the most interesting synths out there with a good mix of synthesis approaches and great presets to learn from.
The main disadvantages are:
It doesn’t have a USB host port, so you cannot directly connect the Linnstrument to it but need either a Midi host or a computer in between.
And it isn’t really hands on with knobs etc., you need a computer to edit presets and at least an iPad (or also a computer) to tweak them.
But besides that - imho very interesting!
And last but not least - it is a self contained instrument by itself.


I’m at the tail end of their delivery list, so it will be a few months yet before I receive my Continuumini. I loved what I saw of the EaganMatrix at NAMM, though. Really anxious to start editing patches.

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I’m loving the Continuumini with my Linnstrument controlling, since I can go to a rehearsal without a laptop. There’s a lot of expression there. Occasionally I miss some of my more expressive Kaivo patches and some Kontakt patches I’ve made… but the freedom from a computer is wonderful.

I’ve just bought an Axoloti board, so plan on trying to make my own ideal MPE synth.

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How are you powering and connecting the two devices? I’m thinking of using a Raspberry Pi as the intermediary (once my ContinuuMini comes in a few months).

I’ve heard beautiful things on the EaganMatrix (YouTube) but my idea with a hardware synth is less screen and more knobs :slight_smile: Also for what I’ve seen, EaganMatrix is a very very deep synth and maybe I’m looking for something simpler to keep my focus on the Linnstrument, which is also the reason why I’m not going for a ContinuuMini

Also I would like to keep connectivity to a minimum. This is just me in the living room, no need for a big setup.

Do you mean Kaivo is more expressive than the Continuum?

I’ve also thought about Axoloti. I like the idea of open source but I’m not a DIY type and there’s still the dependency on a computer for the patching.

Still waiting for someone to tell me how good the Medusa plays with the Linnstrument or that the Parva is finally completed and stable.

I have a Kenton MIDI USB Host MkII between the Linnstrument and the Continuumini.

I wouldn’t say Kaivo is more expressive than Continuum, but I’ve spent a couple years already making Linnstrument-friendly patches in it, so have my own little collection tweaked out how I like it. Kaivo can be very expressive with the Linnstrument though, as can Alto, and it has a dedicated MPE mode. But you need the laptop to play those.

Parva definitely looks very interesting, although I don’t really use analog synth sounds myself.

With the Axoloti, once you have your design complete you can save it on the board and you don’t need the computer again unless you want to re-design your synth. I haven’t actually DONE this yet, so I might be getting my hopes up. Hopefully the learning curve isn’t too steep!


Kaivo and Aalto are my favourite soft synths but my old macbook has problem with them.

I’ve been looking closer at the Continuumini and I have to tell I’m impressed. So actually the only extra gear would be a MIDI host or USB MIDI host?

And then if I have to work on the presets I can use a computer or an iPad which is very convenient for me.

@Dan, @NothanUmber have you published any video of these two toys, ContinuuMini and Linnstrument, together?

That’s the editor.

People aren’t using the ContinuuMini, or even the full sized Continuum, with the editor open. It runs headless once configured.


The only extra gear I have for my current live setup is the USB MIDI interface. It has a power supply, and via USB powers the Continuumini. The Linnstrument also has a power supply and is connected to the Kenton via MIDI.

It’s important to have MIDI interface that can do this. Not all of them can. Check the Continuum Facebook page if you like, Richard Kram has listed a few options that work.

I haven’t made any videos myself… but I’ve been really happy playing the instrument. The Eagan Matrix is super cool, very responsive, and there’s a lot of existing presets to tweak and adapt for Linnstrument playing. I don’t like the ContinuuMini playing surface myself, but I love love love the engine.


@greaterthanzero I’m well aware of that. I know that sooner or later I’d be wanting to tweak some sounds, adapt them to the Linnstrument, as @Dan points out. But again, it could definetly be it. 300 presets give room to experimentation for a while before opening the EaganMatrix.

@Dan I take note of the USB MIDI interface. I see there are no ContinuuMini until summer so I have time to wait and think about it.

Don’t have my ContinuuMini yet. Right another thing to be mentioned: Unobtainable for the next months to come. Afaik these are hand assembled by the team and they still need some time to work through the Kickstarter backlog.

I bought a Micromonsta and the number of cables it required was so annoying that I sold it.

I actually own a half size Continuum, but I bought into the Continumini KickStarter to make the Eagan Matrix synth engine available to my Roli Seaboard & Linnstrument. Unfortunately, I am later in the cue and haven’t yet worked out exactly what those marriages will look like for interfacing and cabling, but it seems to me that having a polyphonic physical modeling synth available for those controllers in hardware is a winning combination.

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For me, hands down, Axoloti running TSG’s buzz patch.

I can plug my headphones and Linnstrument into the Axolati, the Axolati into a mycharge battery, and play for hours.


(For the record, I do own a Continuumini, and I love it dearly, but hooking it up as a backend for the Linnstrument requires a beefy powered USB hub, and either an iPad, laptop, raspberry pi, or a really, really nice midi host.)


Thanks for the hint, great sounds! Will try this at the next opportunity!

Yeps. No problem there. I can wait.

That’s what I was afraid of. The I’ll tell you what the Micromonsta guy told me: “buy something else” :slight_smile:

@da3v Great sounds. I had already seen the video; that was what made me interested in the Axoloti. Nice it can be so easily connected to the Linnstrument.

I can live with a USB MIDI interface in between though, as @Dan mentions. One more question to make the simple complicated: How would it be done: Linnstrument + Continuumini + iPad? As simple as possible.

My setup is as simple as can be: plug the Linnstrument and my headphones into my 6th Gen 9.7" iPad, which unlike older iPads provides plenty of power.

I don’t use my iPad for anything else, so no distractions.

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That’s actually my setup (same model too) and I don’t actually use it for anything else. Now, you must have a strong discipline or mine is very weak.

I get distracted for all the good things happening on iOS. First the synths, then the FX, then the sequencers (for when I’m away from the Linnstrument or just to tired) and the fact that they are all so cheap. I guess I could also call it curiosity but having limited time I wish I could stick to one or two and just leave the rest.

I haven’t been able to configure most of the iPad synth apps the way I want (initial attack 0, control amplitude envelope with pressure).

If I want to do something other than just play I’ll use the Mac.