Increasing MPE Voices

Pretty new to the striso. Today i discovered that when i increase the number of MPE voices some notes wont respond anymore (happens just with the internal synth, works fine if i use a software synth). The standard, 6 voices and lower works fine. Is that normal?

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That’s correct, the internal synth has 6 voices, so when for example 8 MPE voices are selected all notes that are sent to voice 7 or 8 will not sound on the internal synth. Since the oldest voice is used for new notes about 1 in every 4 notes will not sound.

May I ask what’s your reason for increasing the MPE voices when using the internal synth?

And welcome to the forum btw!


Thanks a lot. I was just playing around with surge, playing with 8 fingers and when i switched back to the striso i recognised some dead notes. I dont really need more than 6 voices, just wanted to check if its the normal behaviour.