Interesting JUCE ADC talks (2022)

kicking off this new category :slight_smile:

the JUCE ADC talks are generally a great source of interesting info.
some can be quite technical, focused on development, but a lot are more focused on general ideas, that are interesting to everyone.

tell us here, which you have watched, or plan to… and what you thought.

I’ll start with this one

this is great for everyone to watch, by Astrid from Bela… its a very entertaining/light hearted talk thats kind of focused about how Sci FI portrays music instruments, and what we might learn.
(bad synopsis, just watch it :wink: )

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ok, this one was why I created this entire new category, well that and the Lippold talks Im posting in a minute or tow…

computing power has mean virtual analog modelling is becoming increasingly popular, to get a less ‘digital feel’

Ive not watched it yet, but it’s an important area, and it’s one of the videos I have on my watch list !