Is there any replacements for the Eigenharp base station?

I have an Eigenharp Tau, and unfortunately the base station seems to have broken down. Since the Eigenlabs website is down, I wonder if there is anywhere you could buy a new base station (standard or Pro) or, whether there is anyone who has an extra base station to sell?

Thanks for any help I can get!


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Have you check every thing possible on your base station?
With other cables, maybe a fuse?
Find a tech for inspection? Could be a capacitor? Something broke inside? A solder joint?

Yeah, Eigenlabs I’m not sure the current state…

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One option could be to try to contact John - at least it cannot hurt.
Or you could check whether you find somebody in your area who is into electronics. If it is just a solder joint or capacitor etc. some people who know what they are doing can probably repair it.

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Just curious what you mean by “broken down”. I’ve got one that powers up and the USB side works (can load presets from eigend). but even though it can power an eigenharp, it does not communicate with it (i.e. LED on the bottom corner key just slowly blinks red). I have not spent any time debugging it yet.

It’s precarious that the harp still totally depends on having a working basestation.

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Try contacting Eigenlabs via mail or phone number: