Jamuary 2021 jams

anyone doing jams for #Jamuary?

Ive been releasing jams every day (so far), a variety of things - from eurorack to modular, and of course epxressive instruments :slight_smile:

I’ve already done a couple with the Madrona Labs Soundplane, but today teamed it up with the Eigenharp :slight_smile:


Wow, two Mark!
Just kidding… loved the kind of sub oscillator; it’s pitch controlled with pressure on the Alpha, reminds a theremin, freely “surfing some waves”.
Or nothing like that from your perspective :wink:


A lot of diversity and different ideas in all these pieces! Daily looking forward to those since you started the series. Why not have an advent calendar in january, too :slight_smile:


thank you :slight_smile:

its a nice way to start the year, forcing myself to create and release something, its also been nice to try different ideas, and not to focus on one thing too much.

I’ve been surprised how central the Octatrack has become… I think alot of this is just because its an obvious ‘mixing’ point… where audio can be recorded, effects applied
(ironically, i think the above video is the first this year where i didnt use the octatrack ;))

hope to continue to do more…

another interesting side of these jams, is its startng to build a desire to do something more substantial/finished… so I can see in Feb perhaps being a bit more focused.

I think there is something called RPM, a challenge where the idea is you create an album … might be a good thing to move to after Jamuary.


January is a crazy month at work, so I never feel like I have the energy to participate in this, but I’m enjoying watching your results, Mark. I see you have also acquired a Frap Tools Usta, and am curious as to how you’re finding that (I’ve been very tempted by it, but already have an assortment of sequencing options in my modular).


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Soundplane is getting alot of love this Jamuary…

found something cool today…
I’ve always loved Aalto, I use it all the time - its my favourite soft synth by a large margin.

however as much as I tried to love it, I could never really get on with Kaivo… I’d always get the same kind of sounds out of it - controls felt a bit ‘arbitary’ , and frankly, it didnt do anything for me… I just didn’t ‘get’ granular.

but my eurorack modular journey has had me exploring granular extensively, and so when I came back to Kaivo, it all fell into place … I knew what I wanted to do with it.
so for the first time I really enjoyed it… the simplicity of the madrona labs ui, with the power of granular :slight_smile: