Joyst JV-1 | Joystick MIDI controller with full MPE

Just came across yet another MPE controller. I don’t think it looks particularly playable though.


I’m the same opinion.

On the other day I’ve said; king of the look alike keys joystick is the Eigenharps.

The layout seems to be not completely unlike a hex-version of what I use on the Eigenharp Alpha. Good to see more lower-cost expressive instruments entering the market!
But it imho also shows how far ahead of it’s time the Eigenharp Pico was.


Interesting idea. Did they make up their own damn pitch layout AGAIN? or does it correspond to anything else in the universe? I would have thought they’d have at least tried to do a Jankó layout or something…

3 semitones between joysticks, I’m sorry but WHAT?

Looks like a naff copy of the Striso. I expect it was developed independently, but I don’t like the look of it personally.


The walnut one might be OK.


Think it’s the west european chromatic button accordion layout. Or like a Bayan, mirrored at the x axis. I have a three course button accordion - almost like an accoustic version of my Alpha, it’s cool :wink: (Well, hex instead of grid and three instead of five courses, but it’s close)

So here again, “full MPE” consists of pitch bend and pressure?

I mean, the spec does present CC 74 as optional, but I feel like the word “full” sets a certain expectation.

(Whatever. I usually disable that anyway.)

I think it’ll prove useful to a lot of people as a DJ controller. Assign four FX to each joystick, and you’ve got yourself a powerful glitch machine.

Also good for visual artists, probably.

I could see programming a game where the player has to maneuver 32 characters onscreen, independently of each other. (I can’t see selling a lot of copies, though.)

I mean, any situation where you have a ton of parameters that you generally want resting at zero, or at 50%, a collection of joysticks could be the right interface.

Controlling a synth, probably not.

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