Just wanted to say: I am happy with my Striso!

Hi all, the forums seem to be a little slow going at the moment, and the Striso doesn’t look to be produced at the moment. I just wanted to say that I am totally happy playing some SWAM instruments on this wonderful little device. I am quite a beginner musician, and the Striso with the logical layout is the best possible instrument to play expressively, at least for me.


Welcome to the club! As I’ve written here before, I have 4 external MIDI “keyboards” and while the QuNexus, XKey, and lately LUMI Keys all have wonderful attributes, it is indeed the Striso that offers the most frequent and most satisfying playing, for me. Do you use the SWAM instruments on iPad, or PC, or???


I love my Striso as well.
I use it with my Kyma system for all kind of controlling weirdness which is not always “musical” as in “tuned” and it is a great controller for that kind of purpose as well.


Same here! I use it so much I want to get a second one once they are available again.


Hi all. I posted this in the buy/sell group, but figured some here may be interested. Mine is for sale. Here’s the link: