Karma algorithm to modulate other intruments

Wondering if anyone has tested out various controllers to interface with the Karma platform, or the other way round. Using Karma to modulate various instruments?

I found a method of sending a quasi CV clock signal to advance the internal modules of Karma. And have been investigating the use of various FSR pads as well as organic triggers such as rain, directional sound etc…


Furthering the notion of controlling older synth’s, especially the various KARMA platforms. I have been building a niche interface, with the Ctrlr platform, to convert CC into SysEx and am very interested in exploring the new Midi 2.0/ MPE capable controllers with humanized expressive phrase generating synth’s.

If anyone wants to further explore this, Ive been cataloging all the realtime sysex messages of the og KARMA and posting here:

And plan on purchasing the Striso to build an interface with KARMA. I really love what I see so far regarding the Striso