Keith McMillen products?

Can we please add a forum thread next to the existing ones for the Morph, ROLI, Haken, etc., for the KMI gear? With the release of the K-Board Pro 4, they’re now all in on MPE, and Keith was one of the original developers of the spec. It would be nice to have a place to talk about this device’s very specific feature set, since it is different in many ways from the ROLI Seaboard, the only other “piano-keyboard-paradigm” MPE controller out there.

Done. Feel free to edit the resource page, made it a wiki.

I feel like you’re saying two contradictory things. I don’t disagree with either, necessarily, but they’re worth untangling.

We already had one thread discussing the K-Board Pro 4 and its very specific feature set, next to all the other threads discussing gear from other companies.

(Perhaps we need more of them, and a category to group those? I don’t know. But you asked for one thread, and we had one thread.)

What we did not have is a category in which to discuss other products from KMI, which are often not MPE exactly, but still offer some degree of polyphonic expression.

This raised larger questions (not targeted specifically at KMI), like “which products count?” (hell if I know) and “how much do we want to overlap with manufacturer forums?” (a lot, perhaps, with the understanding that said manufacturers do not have an ability to censor out negative comments here).

Anyway, I’m sure whatever NothanUmber just added will be useful. Wikis are good.

Thought it was a valid request, considering that the other relevant stuff that we know about got specific categories (and assuming that category is what was meant by the OP).
That said the current categories are not written in stone. If at some point it turns out that the instrument specific categories are not too helpful then we can come up with something else. Always open for proposals, that’s what this category is all about :slight_smile:

The reason why the instrument categories initially exist is simple: The Eigenharp community was coordinating at Google+, which closed doors a few days ago. The official Eigenlabs forum is good for instrument support and so on, but the forum software starts to show it’s age, some convenience that G+ offered and Discourse has isn’t there. G+ and the Eigenlabs forums always happily coexisted, think it’s similar here.
In the midterm run I would assume the overarching topics might get more room - as that’s what makes this forum special. We’ll see, it probably also depends on what people want to talk about :slight_smile:

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I would also add that I’d bet folding money that the K-Board Pro 4 is not the last KMI product to support MPE. Now that the incredible manufacturing headaches have been solved, subsequent products will be quicker to market, I’ll bet. (For example, the reason there’s no high C key is because the keybed was designed to be modular in either 1- or 2-octave blocks, C to B, to easily build larger or smaller boards.)

So while the K-Board Pro 4 will be lonely for a while, it won’t be so forever… and because the sensor technologies are the same, this is a nice place to also talk about the 12 Step, SoftStep, QuNeo, QuNexus, and K-Board as well.

Thanks for setting this up, NothanUmber!

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