Kirk Hunter Orchestra Libraries

Has anybody experience with the KH Orchestral Libraries? Can these be recommended, are these worth it compared to the stuff that already comes with Kontakt? And is this tailored towards live playing or only sequencing with dozends of phrasings that have to be manually chosen?

They seem to be on 80% discount and will be discontinued afterwards. On first sight these are for Kontakt. Which means VpC should probably work?

On the one hand, orchestral samples generally benefit from layering with other libraries, regardless of playability.

On the other, being discontinued isn’t a great sign for ongoing updates and support, moving forward.

(No idea re: your actual questions. I’d assume they’re not tailored towards live playing, but that the new products that replace them will correct that. But again, this is only a guess.)

Yeah, wouldn’t expect any upgrades, would probably to be seen “as is”. Perhaps the developer could be convinced to provide the unlock key for editing at some point? Wouldn’t count on it though…

I’m seeing a whole lot of keyswitches. Very pre-MPE workflow. But still a good sound for the price, and fine for layers or quickly building up a backing track.

(MPE is great, but a realistic orchestral recording does sort of require that you track each instrument one at a time)

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Makes sense. The pretension of replacing 80 brains by one would be a little presumptious :slight_smile: