Kraftwerk (Florian Schneider died, their music probably never)

Heard one of the two founders of Kraftwerk, Florian Schneider died this Wednesday. Sniff. They were perhaps one of the most influential groups of their time.

Just had a look at this very early Kraftwerk video, a great blend of acoustic and first electronic instruments:

Have to listen to some old albums again, Radio-Activity might still be my favorite one - very meditative :slight_smile:
Ah, Youtube has the full original album:


Found the full concert from the early recording above - that’s cool!

Funny to look at the people, some seem a little undecicive whether they are supposed to like this or not :stuck_out_tongue: After the first 15 mins (after that “improvised techno” section) they had them though :slight_smile:

The introductory text says: “This concert from the ‘roundabout for the youth’ is the earliest existing concert recording of the electronic pioneers from Düsseldorf. The group was founded in the same year and is performing here in their original setup with Ralf Hütter (keyboards), Florian Schneider-Esleben (flute, vibes) and Klaus Dinger (drums)”