Linnstrument, MPE mapping and Alchemy

This is my first post on this forum. I bought a Linnstrument shortly after it was released, but this also coincides with the time I decided to work without DAWs and a laptop. So, I never really used the Linnstrument at its full potential.

Recently, I started working with a laptop again and tested the Linnstrument with Alchemy in Logic Pro X. I was blown away by the quality of this software synth. I configured the plugin in “mono midi” mode, it’s already expressive and frankly the sound results are impressive but I still have the feeling I’m not using 100% of the possibilities of the MPE.

I see the possibility of assigning a control A, B, C and D (CC 74 etc) but I do not quite understand how to assign these controls to plugin parameters yet. I imagine that the CC mappings are set « per patch/program » but I don’t really know how to map them yet. On the Linnstrument side, what are the recommended settings for “Loudness” and “Timbre” N ?

Do you have some advices you could share please ?

Thank you in advance for your comments.


Roli’s done a great job of documenting how to integrate their controllers with various platforms, and nearly all of that info applies to Linnstrument. Check out this video for a quick push in the right direction.

Now, at some point, they mention using “midi mono mode with common channel 1”. That would be actual MPE mode, where anything sent to channel 1 is considered global, and cloned to all voices. Linnstrument supports this if your firmware is up to date, but I don’t believe it’s the default setting. You may need to look up how to configure that.

(I think the default setting predates MPE by several years, and thus doesn’t concern itself with leaving channel 1 free for global messages)

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