Live Edit the Onboard Synth of Striso (highly experimental)

How cool would it be if you can live-edit the onboard synth? Very cool!

The onboard synth is coded in Faust, which offers an advanced IDE to live-edit your code. Although the Faust IDE allows for MIDI input, there is no Midi-to-synth connection (yet).

With the Striso Web Components I have created a hack to add this functionality to the Faust IDE.

The MIDI support is still buggy, so I have settled for using a virtual striso that uses a peer-to-peer connection to send MPE events to the Faust IDE. This allows you to play the virtual striso in the Faust IDE. In theory, you could connect a hardware striso as MIDI input to the virtual striso - but this is untested.

The entire code is still highly experimental, but you’re free to try. Instructions are here