LivePad(LiveOSC) agent

Hi Mark,

Do you know of a solution to get the LivePad (LiveOSC) agent to work with Live11?

Because, Ableton Live 11(not Beta) has moved the code base for MIDI remote scripts from Python 2 to Python 3.
Due to the change in Python 3 syntax, custom/third party MIDI remote scripts that were created to work with Python 2x / Ableton 9 or 10 will not work in 11.

If you have any insights on this I would appreciate your advice.

sorry, no Ive not used it for a while… in fact I cannot even remember how to use it :slight_smile:

from a quick look, my guess is its in two parts…
a) LivePad agent within EigenD
this sends osc to ‘liveosc’

this part should still work

b) LiveOsc remote script
from : ?
this is I guess the part that is now failing?

that looks pretty old, but looks like someone forked it to get it working with Live 10.
i guess someone will at some point (hopefully) get it working on Live 11?

unfortunately, I really don’t know much about how the liveosc remote scripts works, so it would not be an easy thing for me to fix.

a bit of background, I think livecontrol was created for Lemur, so was originally by lline ?
but they don’t seem to doing much these days
interestingly though there forum has a user asking about this too

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Thank you for your kind signposts and answers😊

I don’t know if anyone will be able to find a solution in the future, but I will continue to monitor the thread on the URL site you gave me for a while.