Loading Custom Scales in the midi only setup

Hello, maybe you all can help me with something. Currently I use my Eigenharp with the experimental midi only mode… it works simply and its great but I want to change the scales… ideally I would like to add the Minor pentatonic in place of the chromatic…

but I cant seem to figure out how to get the Eigenbrowser show more than the midi inputs…

Can anyone help?

the talker in that setup do not use the browser for scales. (*)
rather it has a fixed scale talker to select scales - you can edit this in workbench and change the scales you would like assigned

(*) if you look at the scale talker in standard setup vs the experimental midi setup you will see the difference - you could change this if you wanted but its not completely trivial.

the experimental setups are deliberately simple to show simple ideas for those wanting to create their own setups.

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thanks! ok, so I can see the set scales in the talker in workbench, can I simply change the names of the scales …

from “scaler 1 hey scale to whole tone set” to scaler 1 hey scale to Egyptian set?
or is there another step im missing?

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tried it, I think that worked!

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