Logic Pro X MPE integration

Hi there,
Long time watcher of this forum !!!
I am on the fence to buy Logic Pro X, but I am still unsure of the MPE implementation.
I like to play multiple SWAM instruments I record in loops, and enjoy a lot of MPE synths out there : equator 2, plasmonic, abyss, etc.
I can’t find any reliable info if Logic Pro X is well suited to this task.
Thanks for your advice :wink:
Cheers !

Logic has several excellent MPE instruments (I think 7 or so). It’s called “MIDI mono mode.” Sculpture is my personal favorite. I think you can add on Mainstage to your purchase for a little bit more and I think that’s definitely worth it too.

Roger Linn has a good description here: Support - LinnStrument - Recommended Sounds