LU.NA - Dance and Music for toddlers

Last couple of months busy creating our (Passos e Compassos /Ária da Música) 11th show for toddlers (babies and their families)

This time around “we” are going to outer space, guided by light, see the starts and comets, but the voyage starts here on planet earth with some usual puppets stoping by to say Hello ,-)

I could go talk about the dance, the set, lights or customs but my passion is music, sounds and musical instruments.
We kick off with creative labs, inviting some families to try ideas and get feedback :wink:

yep;-) I will use two Erae Touch

Come to realise, now that premiere is closer, most of instruments I will use can do MPE - Eigenharp Pico (ohhh I used this on all shows since it came out) Exquis, Roli Blocks.
Tenori-on can do channel per Note (its close :wink:

I’ll post some more coming to theatre with all set up in place for final week of rehearsals.


That looks so cool! Am sure all will have fun!
My nephew is most keen on finding out what the maximal velocity and polyphony on any instrument he gets his hands on might be :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds wonderful as always. I wish I were <mumblemumble> years younger and spoke Portuguese!


All set! Premiere day…