Lumi Studio Keys

The new thing is apparently Lumi with per key pitch bend and poly aftertouch. Looks neat!

Have my original Kickstarter Lumis back from repair now, finally they snap together as they should.
Not easy these days, but I would recommend people to try these out if possible before ordering several as a grand piano or even keyboard substitute. They definitely feel different, neither keyboard nor piano like imho. A little rubbery perhaps? Imho they work better for non-piano sounds. (But I also feel lost playing piano on a light weighted keyboard either expression wise, so conclusions might differ…)
And no clue how the new Lumis behave, perhaps the feel will be different?
Nonetheless, the concept of having a detachable keyboard is great conceptually!

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Of interest…

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(actual launch hardware weighs more, and should break less)

Didn’t know this is coming to the Kickstarter devices, also. Cool!

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I didn’t either. Glad I didn’t smash them in frustration when they announced the new thing!