MBP Midi TouchBar + ContinuuMini

Midi TouchBar + ContinuuMini

The other day just got mention about Midi TouchBar http://urbanlienert.com/miditouchbar/
and I confess never cared or used that much until now.

So with a couple of IF:

IF you have a MBP, IF it happens to have a TouchBar and IF you have a Cmini or Continuum, controlling EaganMatrix Barrels, Sustain or Sustenuto just got really FUN!!.

Just a quick video

Here’s a file for 4 Barrels, Unzip and load with the app


Clever. But why aren’t there four knobs atop the Continuum or Cmini in the first place?

Because those would be off brand. It’s a continuous surface.

Plus, why add four when you can have 128 of them?
(what is the right number of knobs for a controller? Lippold Haken chose zero.)

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The Cmini already has a few buttons and a rudimentary display. I suppose you could argue that wrecks the extreme minimalism of the original Continuum, but it sure is handy.

Why four knobs? Because that’s the number of barrels Mr. Eagan settled on? Maybe there should be more?

What’s less elegant? An usable, purpose-designed UI, or always having to accommodate a laptop?

Fair enough, on the mini.

You asked why, though. On the original, it’s because the instrument was designed and built before Eagan got involved in the project.

The Cmini is “unusable” because it doesn’t have 4 knobs… I guess you haven’t experienced either it or the Continuum yet.

Oh, how dare I? The insolence!

I have a mini. I am, overall, quite delighted by it. Moreover, I’m particularly delighted about using it standalone, rather than tethered to a computer. So, I would be even more delighted if my need to tether it was further reduced by a little more on-board UI. It seems pretty reasonable to me that the hardware could thoughtfully evolve without turning into something that looks like a JD-800. And, sadly, that’s what came to mind when I saw @keymanpal’s post… if only these controls were on the Continuum itself.

The Monome Arc with the Max app “returns” makes for a handy set of controls for the barrels.

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Great !! that’s one more fun way to access barrels and other controls of EaganMatrix/Continuums.

Funny thru out times what I have combined:
Eigenharp Pico
Wii remote
KM SoftStep
iOS Lemur, and a couple more apps
… umm missing others?

nah, too many knobs, no where to land the Cmini :wink:

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New in version 2.5
  • Send and receive OSC (Open Sound Control)
  • Send and receive MIDI NRPN and 14bit MIDI Controller
  • Scale all values
  • Choose number of octaves and start octave in the piano style MIDI keyboard
  • Smoother transition between Touchbar presets
  • Bugfixes