Meta Morph : Introduction

In this video I walk you through how to build vcv patches with Meta Morph, and what each of the modules do

History & Motivation

To understand my goals (and so future plans) for Meta Morph, Id like to take a step back and talk about WHY I felt Meta Morph was necessary.

EigenD - the good, the bad and the ugly

There is no doubt, despite its flaws, EigenD is a bit of a masterpiece of software design.
Designed as a ‘Software Modular’, long before these became fashionable with the likes of VCV Rack/Softube etc.
Its modularity meant it was immensely powerful, allowing an Eigenharp to be configured to any musicians possible need, even purposes unimagined by EigenLabs.
Also it allow 3rd party developers to extend it, with their own custom modules.
Truly, its time, it was (and still is) unique, it allowed EigenLabs and these 3rd parties to integrate sound engines at audio rate and high resolution, where others relegated to 7bit midi!

yes, it was CPU intensive, but Moore’s Law meant that wasn’t going to always be the case!

I loved EigenD, and have invested a LOT of time into , understanding it inside and out.

BUT… it had a failing…
look at the various forums, and it was clear very few Eigenharp owners could understand how to tailor the existing factory presets to their needs, let alone create new presets, beyond something fairly basic.
This meant only a few ‘Elite’ owners got to really live the dream of EigenD, most just used the factory presets - whilst ok, it left a lot of opportunities untapped.

for me this is EigenD failing… too few got to feel the real power of their Eigenharp.

Meta Morph - avoiding the pitfalls

ok, so every developer thinks their baby will be better :laughing:
however, we, usually, just create a different Frankenstein, so Im not naive nor, boasting I can do better.
rather, Ive reflected on why EigenD was so difficult for most owners.

these help forum the goals and motivation for Meta Morph.

a) unfamiliar applications and environments.

This is NOT EigenLabs fault, they created EigenD/Workbench as nothing similar existed.
However, Today we have VCV Rack, which many are familiar with.
Importantly, because of its popularity, there are 100’s of VCV tutorial videos of excellent quality, and it has a thriving forum where you can ask questions.

Meta Morph leverage these resources, so gives familiarity and support.

b) massive scope, focus…

EigenLabs were built everything from hardware interaction to sounds engine, they built the sound engine as they did NOT want the Eigenharp to be crippled by using low-res midi and vsts. they wanted audio rate expression fed directly into the sound engine… again they had little choice!
(ironically, the complexity of EigenD meant most users only used it with Midi/VSTs :frowning: )

With Meta Morph we can focus on the hardware interaction, leaving the sound engine to 100s (1000s?) of other modules.

c) tutorials / documentation

There was some reasonable technical documentation about individual modules, and a couple of video showing how to use EigenD / Workbench.
but frankly, given it complexity there were never enough.
also the Factory presets were huge mammoth patches, designed to give an ‘out of the box’ playable instrument, but were FAR too complicated for many to understand, let alone customise.

The Goal

so the goal of meta morph is simple, I want to ensure we give EVERY Eigenharp owner the ability to get the most from their Eigenharp, to tailor it to their needs.
and frankly, to explore new ways to use the Eigenharp!

Platforms supported

Initial release will be for macOS ONLY. (Intel and Arm)
Linux (x64 only) will follow at a later date, then finally windows (see below)

Window support

Windows is a little tricky, as I do not want to rely upon ANY third party software, to ensure future compatibly, and that includes the Eigenharp Windows Driver.
Ive prototyped replacing this with the libusb diver, but this needs more testing, and documenting to be suitable for ‘end user’ use.


Currently a release candidate is being tested by early access testers (now closed)
as above, this release will initially be macOs only.


Release update:
with the public release the panels LOOK different, but the core essence of how to patch remains the same. so the above video is still relevant, and a very good start point for new users.