MI eurorack modules

A new iOS app Spectrum Bundle Synthesiser, developed by Burns Audio is an emulation of 4 Mutable Instruments modules. The dev is working to add MPE to it.

I’m so amazed by the sounds of these things (4 modules so far) that I wish they could become my hardware “sound machine” so I need to ask you once more: is it possible to have a MPE synth with MI Eurorack modules? 4 voices would be enough.

If not: 1, let’s hope Burns Audio will refine and fix some of the bugs (and finally implement MPE) and 2, what about VCV-Rack and/or Softube modular?


Obviously in case of hardware eurorack you’ll have to buy 4 times more modules and patch them each time, as well as having some kind of solution for converting MPE midi into CV.

Of course, MPE is doable in VCV Rack and Softube Modular.

However, VCV Rack won’t cost you a penny unless you’ll want to buy something, while with Softube you’ll have to buy the STM itself plus MI addons.

Unfortunately, Softube Modular performs worse and worse with each update, I even had to ask them for an older version, otherwise I couldn’t use it at all, so I don’t recommend investing in it. VCV Rack is a better and more robust platform.

I’ve read that Burns Audio had a crownfounding campaign for adding MPE to Spectrum, and it was successful, so its only a matter of time at this point.

Thanks for the answer. I knew but I was denying myself.

That takes me further away from “the” hardware synth. VCV rack is interesting but I’d rather keep away from the computer (even if that means not playing Aalto).

So I’ll stay with the iPad. Yes, Spectrum bundle support for MPE is a question of time. Let’s see how long and how it develops.

Another alternative is ORAC 2, which runs on a number of different hardware platforms, including Organelle and Qu-bit Nebulae, but I never managed to get it to work.

why not? whats issues are you experiencing?
talk to me on the orac thread and we can try to resolve your issues.

( I replied to you questions previously… so had kind of assumed it was all working now?)

back to OP…

there is Orac which will work on Organelle/rPI/Nebulae/Bela - all support MI instruments with MPE.
also on the Organelle, I released Braids as a separate patch with MPE support.

finally, Ive released Braids/Clouds/Elements/Rings as Pure Data externals, so can use these as you wish.

if you want an ‘out of the box’ experience, at the moment the new Organelle-m is the one I’d recommend - but also ‘watch this space’ … as some interesting things happening in this area in next few months :wink:

btw all this software is free/open source and available at https://github.com/thetechnobear, and is also packaged on patchstorage.com

check out my videos for more details on

I’m pretty active on dev in this area at the moment - as Ive been refining my setup recently with this kind of stuff at the very core controlled by my eigenharps and soundplane - so some interesting videos soon - subscribe etc :wink:

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@thetechnobear I’ve been following from the outside your work with Orac. I’m pretty excited about it but admit my patience is not quite big, meaning I just want to plug and play, my technical abilities very limited.

I also admire the huge amount of work you are doing and keeping it Open Source. Whenever you say Orac is stable I will begin to think seriously about it. I’m also aware of the new Organelle. It tempts but again, I wait for “stability” ??

Now you name MI with MPE support as Pure Data and begin to doubt if I can wait at all… and definitely your:

is just too much. I can’t avoid asking WHAT???

Regarding the ‘out of the box’ experience what I’m looking for is the physical interaction, knobs and sliders and less screen. That’s why I didn’t go for the ContinuuMini in the last place although it has those wonderful sounds.

I know I will continue to use the iPad, if not for using those wonderful sounds and effects, at least to record (Cubasis) or just triggering a comp-track while I loose myself in the light squares of the Linnstrument and the ‘knobs&sliders’ of… whatever.

all just options - ive nothing to sell :wink:

sorry, don’t want to say too much, as these things have a habit of taking longer to materialise than anticipated, so prefer to just like these things to be a nice surprise.
I just wanted to say, whilst it may look like ive not been doing much on orac in last 2 months, things are going on in the background.


Orac is already a nice surprise. Even if I’m not ready for it, thank you.
Now keep those nice surprises coming :slight_smile:

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Actually I can probably show you this…

A board designed/manufactured by someone on the lines community,
that I’ll be shortly adding orac support for :slight_smile:

I built last week so no enclosure yet, currently has a rPI3b+ but next week the rPI4 4gb will go in … (*)

This is a prototype, but seems very close to me… looking forward to getting the orac UI on it very soon.

more details on his lines thread about the board and his plans… lots of people excited about the board.

note: no release date or price yet.

(*) I didn’t realise at the time of the picture, I could have just powered it directly via the rPI power jack… so didn’t actually need the usb-c dongle!


Well, well. That looks really nice! @thetechnobear
I think I’m going to have a closer look at the Organelle, ORAC and the MI patches you’ve been making.

I realised later what you mean with “out of the box experience” and will follow your advice.

I’m sure I will come back with more questions.

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