Microtonality and the Striso

Any advice on using the Striso as in instrument for exploring microtonality

Welcome @voximo!

The main way of exploring microtonality with the Striso board is by using different syntonic temperaments. For these tunings the nice thing is that the isomorphic properties of the keyboard are kept.

A selection of temperaments is directly available from the board itself. These are 12tet, 31tet, 19tet, 5tet, 7tet, 1/4 comma meantone and pythagorean.

Other syntonic temperaments can be selected by sending a 14bit value to CC1 (LSB to CC33), this set the size of the fifth to anything between 680 and 720 cent, similar to how the tuning is selected in my online tuning exploration tool. This is also how the Striso Temperament Compass works.

In the near future I plan on implementing a configuration system, which let you set a pitch for each of the 17 keys per octave. Also I’ll implement a 7-limit Just Intonation tuning and Indian Shruti tuning to be directly available.

If there are wishes for other options feel free to discuss them here,



I know you’d planned on sharing the source code at some point in the future. I imagine there are a number of ways people could experiment with different configurations in the general sense if it were available. Do you have a rough timeline for doing that?


Hi Frank,
Thanks for asking, the source needs some checks and a readme update. Shouldn’t take too long. It helps when people are asking for it though :slight_smile:.

The source for the previous version and for the bootloader are online already.