Midi Basic Setup - how to turn the lights on/off

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Better open a new tread :wink:

Not sure to what lights you refer to:

  • Scale lights ? those normally come from illuminator agent (but I don’t see them connected)
  • Bottom 5 lights? in last row? those send MIDI CC’s, sure those lights can be turned off / disable that functions.

Let me know more!


Thank You dear Antonio, i find " illuminator " into the WORKBENCH… i deleted it… and now …the 5 lights in the last row, in fact … gone… ;)))) … first time i dare move something into Workbench… hihi… Thank You and Bravo for the vidéo performance i saw in the old church of Palmela.


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Careful those keys still send MIDI CC data; deleting illuminator in fact only blacked out the keys.

ahah, well, that’s the tool to be creative also ,-)
Let me now (or the community ) for future ideas.

Thanks :wink: we have amazing expressive instruments!

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