MIDI CC outputs?

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s a MIDI implementation chart for the Striso, and more specifically, what the CC events are.

EDIT: I just saw a recent post in the firmware thread which seems to confirm for TRS MIDI:

  • CC74 for key tilt up/down
  • Pitch Bend for key bend left/right
  • Velocity on key touch
  • Aftertouch on key hold

If there’s more details, would be happy to learn them so I can set this all up!

Unfortunately CC74 is challenging on the Striso since most software instruments don’t assume that the value is bipolar, and so as a result 50% is half open filter and that makes a lot of instruments hard to play! It would be easier if it was something like Expression (11) or even Breath (2) since it allows the user to map them manually. It seems like there’s some secret ways to change CC - looking forward to those updates in the future.


I’ve found the accelerometers on channels 16-19, and on 80-82. The groups appear to be translation and rotation.

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Thanks for the note about CC74! It’s the default for MPE, so for most MPE synths it works well. Would it be a good idea to change the default for normal midi mode to 11?

The Striso sends (as @Ifer said):

  • Acceleration on CC 16-19, respectively x, y, z and absolute acceleration.
  • Rotation on CC 80-82, respectively around the x, y and z axes.

For the other messages it is indeed possible to change the CC, by sending a MIDI message to the Striso board.

  • CC70: key pressure, default 121 - channel aftertouch (polyphonic aftertouch in normal MIDI mode)
  • CC71: key bend/X, default 122 - pitch bend
  • CC74: key tilt/Y, default 74

The value you send to this CC will be the new CC on which the parameter is transmitted, with some values with a special meaning:

  • 0 or 127: disable sending this parameter
  • 120: send as polyphonic aftertouch
  • 121: send as channel aftertouch
  • 122: send as pitch bend (only valid for bend/X)

Other messages that are received by the Striso board:

  • RPN 0 sets the pitch bend range
  • RPN 6 set the MPE channel configuration
  • CC65 turns glissando on or off, so allows for external control of the glissando (round) button
  • Pitch bend changes the tuning offset
  • CC18 changes the note offset in semitones, 64 being the default
  • CC1 changes the tuning, specifically the size of the fifth, with the LSB on CC33 (this is what the Termperament Compass uses)
  • CC75 sets the per key pitch bend sensitivity
  • CC16 sets the motion message interval, 0 disables motion sensor
  • CC17 sets the button message interval (in ms)
  • CC126 enables MIDI mono mode on the given channel, 0 enables MPE mode with default settings
  • CC127 enables MIDI normal polyphonic mode

Note that these settings are not persistent, they need to be sent to the Striso board after every power up.

I’m working on a system for making persistent configuration changes, however other developments keep pushing it down the list. Knowing that you’re looking forward to this helps to move it up again though!