Midi device agent?

This is for Mark, unless anyone else knows the answer.

Mark. Hi.
I have been trying to get midi from my new DH48 Midi Harmonica into Eigen D. I don’t think the midi device agent that you demonstrated in your very instructive(many thanks) old youtube vid. is the same as the one I plunked down in Workbench following your guide. It seems like my midi device agent is
concerned with turn eigenharp lights off and on thru midi… so am I using an an out of date agent library maybe? Can I find the right device agent and install it?

I am using com. 2.1.7 Thanks v. much in advance. LLAP to all of you.

Hello, and welcome! I believe “Midi Input” is the agent you want. Perhaps the agents were renamed at some point after the video you saw or something?

Thanks Kai,

To be a bit clearer, I am using midi input with a midi device agent to try and play the cello & clarinet in Eigen D. I think I’ve got the solution tho’ I forgot that the “connections cables” could be edited for Midi channel and parameter #. Cello from a harmonica controller, esp if you know how to tongue block just begs to be tried out. LLARP -Stefan

Should be the same - I’d have to hook it up and test it , as it’s been a while :slight_smile:
Did you get it working?
Perhaps post the patch if it’s not ?

Got it working looking at your old vst tutorial. Thanks very much Mark.