Midi mapping Eigenharp with GEOSWAM on Ipad

Hello, I am trying to get the Eigenharp to work as an MPE controller inside GeoShred/GeoSwam Which isnt super flexible on the midi Routing front.

GeoSwam wind instruments currently only listen for

Glide/Pitchbend (keyX)
Slide/CC-74 (keyY)
Channel Pressure (Keyz).

So far I have gotten the Channel Pressure to work by mapping breath to Channel Pressure.

but Im not sure which pitchbend setting to turn on…should I use. “pitch wheel in midi behaviour”? or turn on send pitchbend? and how much? all my attempt led to WILD bending that sounds …not good.

also for SLIDE should I map ROLL/PRESSURE or YAW to midi CC-74? that doesnt seem to work… any advice?

Has anyone figured this out?

here is a video at the exact time that explains how the MPE on Geoshred should work…

thanks for your help in advance

I guess you are talking EigenD here… and the midi mapping panel.

I dont know geoshred etc, but for mpe, usually :

pressure is assigned to channel pressure.
roll is assigned pitchbend (aka roli glide) - make sure you match the PB range within eigend midi to what you set it to in instrument (geoswarm)
yaw is assigned to cc74 (aka roli slide)

note: in my eigenD release there is an MPE mode, but you still need the mapping.
(mpe mode, essentially is about sending the pb range to the synth , which it may or may not respond to , and also voice allocation)

do you not have MPE working for any other instruments?
its the same for everything on the eigend side… really its just how do you activate it on the sound engine - which seems to be covered in the video you link.

Thank you

I guess part of my challenge with GEOSWAM is that I cant seem to find where to configure the pitch bend setting… I also havent been able to send CC74 out to the IPAD. but I can figure that out.

most other MPE synths have worked fine, but it was all in the box.

Eigenbrowser isnt working on Catalina so selecting the midi out port was a challenge. I was using ableton to route the midi and that might also be an issue. What is the best way to send midi out from a Mac to and iPad (with an eigenharp?)

Where can I find your MPE preset?

With mpe mode enabled the pitchbend range is sent - on the global channel (1) …

Yeah I’d not use ableton to route that’s just an extra step to go wrong :slight_smile:
You can change the midi port using workbench.

Also use a midi monitor to check to see eigend is sending what you expect.