MIDI or pedal socket wiring

My cherry board arrived today! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: So, how is the TRS socket wired? Is it MIDI type A or B? For sustain, I suppose a normally open pedal that closes between tip and sleeve will work… What about an expression pedal; shall the wiper be connected to tip, ring or sleeve?

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The MIDI TRS port follows the official standard, so type A.
For sustain I plan on making it configurable or auto-detect, dependent on the state on insertion.
Expression pedals should have the wiper connected to the tip, ‘TRS’ in the expressionpedals.com list.

Note that neither of those functions is implemented yet in the firmware, that will come after all boards are shipped.

So far I have played the striso standalone but now I want to buy a sequencer/synthesizer to connect to.

I tried to connect the striso to a synthesizer (not mine) with a jack-to-DIN cable but this did not work. We have tried different options (other similar cable, other synth, checking all the midi-channels, using all the three midi modes in the striso settings) but still no signal.

I have an old firmware version (i think the second update, from around april).

  • should it work with the cable described?

  • do i need to do anything with the settings?

  • do i need an update on the firmware?

As I want to buy a sequencer/synthesizer (my first one) it is nice for me to know how this will work before I purchase my synth…

TRS-MIDI support was added in v2.0.4 (released May 14th), so you’ll have to update the firmware.
Just plug in the Striso board with the square button pressed and save the latest release (the .uf2 file) to the drive.

Oh, and the cable in the link has the wrong wiring, it needs to be a MIDI TRS type A cable (tip to 5, ring to 4, sleeve to 3).

Depending on if your synth supports MPE you should use MPE or normal MIDI mode.

Good luck!

Thanks for the fast/quick response. I will update the firmware and give it another try.

It works! I have a Novation Bass Station 2 to connect the Striso to. Nice to have all these new sounds available.

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