MIDI Program Change

About MIDI Program Change,

  • Sending (ERAE Touch generating this MIDI message)

So, if no Bank MSB/LSB selected pressing a button on the ERAE,
message affect the Layouts of the EARAE itself - might be usefull!!

  • Receiving MIDI Program Change
  • If ERAE Lab not running, from fresh start lets say, nothing happens
  • Running ERAE Lab, ERAE Touch respond to Program Change !!! yoo-hoo!!
  • If you close/quit ERAE Lab, ERAE Touch still respond to those messages!!

So questions:
A - some inconsistency ? shouldn’t ERAE Touch always respond to Program change? Sometimes it completely stops responding even ERAE Lab running.
B - why two sets of messages?? use case?

C - what other messages does ERAE Touch respond to using the default layouts??
could there be access to “remote change” Tonic? Scale? for example…