MIDI System Exclusive implementation

A question for @Anckorage (thanks for all your work with Haken by the way): is the Continuum/ContinuuMini MIDI System Exclusive implementation published anywhere?

Your iPad app has to use something to talk to the devices, and hopefully it’s not a non-standard, undocumented protocol (cough Korg Wavestate cough).

Thanks Teknico

Everything is on the Continuum documentation that you can download from the site: it is regular Midi only (based on Midi CC, not even Sysex).
The Osmose is using the same protocol


Right, chapters 14 and 15 of the User Guide. Those are just performance parameters though.

I guess a more pertinent question is: how does the EaganMatrix editor communicate with the Continuum[Mini]? What protocol does it use to transfer all sound parameters, and is that protocol documented somewhere?

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@teknico As Christophe is saying: regular MIDI CC

You can use a Midi Monitor to “see” MIDI communications.