Modal Electronics Skulpt Synthesizer

This just in…

"Today we are proud to release Firmware v2.0 for our SKULPT synthesiser. We received a lot of suggestions from our dedicated SKULPT user community. We selected the most inspiring ideas and combined them with our own to develop this new firmware for our users.

With the newly introduced MPE support, SKULPT is compatible with MPE controllers. With MPE, every played note can be articulated individually and allows a more expressive performance. Because each MIDI note is assigned to its unique MIDI channel, every MIDI note can receive dedicated MIDI Channel-Expression commands. This feature delivers creative, next-level performance opportunities.

SKULPT is now the most affordable MPE polyphonic hardware synth available on the market.

To showcase the new MPE capabilities, A new 32 patch sound set, available online from Modal Electronics’ SKULPT product page, highlights the new MPE capabilities."

(They go on to describe other changes, but there’s no need to clutter this post with them)


…unless you count Axoloti Core, which we could buy four of for the price of this.

…though, some patience required on the “available on the market” front.

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Yep!! Many shows did I used it just by it self!!

Nice, I did saw this yesterday;-) I only have the CraftSynth…

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Got it. Using it with Linnstrument. Effortless, works as advertised, plenty of options for proper MPE setup in the newest version of the MODAL app.

Was going to sell my SKULPT a long time ago, but never got around to it, and sort of kept in mind that someone from MODAL hinted that this would happen, as far back as the US introduction of the Argon8 at Knobcon last year. Now it’s in a place of honor in my studio and I will consider it essential kit for portable gigs in case all my computers go pining for the fjords at once.

Makes a huge difference to the entire work experience; the stupid keyboard touch thingy just becomes a fancy numeric keypad and all is right in the world once more.