More continuum from the Haken team ;-)

“Diet” flavor :wink: same experience…


Someday I’ll have money again, and that is high on my list.

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One can start with the ContinuuMini… :innocent:

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I really do like the improved footprint that being not as dense provides. As an owner of the normal height Continuum will I buy this newer slimmer model? Probably not.

I pre-ordered the Osmose, and I’m particularly interested if this more traditional layout can be just as expressive as the Continuum.

The goal being to get rid of all but one MPE controller.

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Would love this to have been available when I bought my half-size. I like the addition of a display like the 'mini. Again, unlikely to buy a second one.

@Anckorage, I presume the older model is still supported? I’ll want to get the DSP upgrade for mine at some point.

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Yeah let’s hear out all this unveils in the near future…
@GoneCaving option of selling second hand? Might be similar to upgrade to 6x; that’s me saying.

The delta between a new half-size and the slim half-size is about the same as the DSP upgrade cost (I think). So, yeah, I suppose if I could find a buyer, it might be an option. Though having looked at the specs, you’re not saving much in weight going to the slim model.


I wonder what the feel is like? Same/similar as current continuum?

Looks really nice, Haken doing a great job at extending their product lines.

@GoneCaving no problem to upgrade your half size (may be needs waiting if we need to produce additional boards, but this will be in more than one year from now).
@thetechnobear it is exactly the same mechanics and sensor bord, and sound engine, so exact same feeling!


Looking good!
When I first saw it I somehow hoped Continuums would now become lighter and cheaper. But if it’s essentially the same thing then it’s understandable that nothing changes in these regards.
Out of curiosity: Are the current Continuum casings mostly empty? Or was there a conceptual change that allows to build it much slimmer in the new version?

Standard Continuum enclosures do have a lot of airspace. It is my understanding that the depth of the design was primarily because of the internal power supply. The new slim model is using an external power supply now, likely for that very reason.

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Hey Jesse, welcome around :wink:

Let me just add - no MIDI DIN connectors, boards get smaller, take for example the ContinuuMini (there are photos of the inside on other topic)

I’m still amazed looking at all those rods and construction

Time for one more update/upgrade…

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I see, a lot of thought and material went into building these. My personal takeaway from the disassembly instructions above would be - better don’t :slight_smile:


We mainly had to remove the power supply (it’s external now) and to reword the connections (replace AES3 by DPDIF which is much smaller, use MIDI on 3.5 TRS jack, etc.)


what’s the little ‘knob’ on top for? it looks a bit precarious, given its the only thing sticking up

i guess its some kind of encoder for data entry… i wonder if it could be made flatter/broader to protect it a bit from ‘knocks’… also might be more in keeping with the lovely flat look of the rest of the board.

bit surprised, an oled display was not chosen - better future proofing - esp. since the osmose is going to have an oled - no? that said, the matrix, does have nicer aesthetics - goes really well with the colour scheme etc.

hmm, tempting , but have the osmose on order… and excited by that :slight_smile:

definitely need to get to superbooth, I’d guess we should seem some early versions of this and osmose there!

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“more continuum” is now just “continuum”, it seems.