Morph as OSX trackpad

Can the Morph been used as a trackpad replacement on OSX? For various reasons I’ve wanted a wired replacement for my apple trackpad and wondered if the Morph might fit that bill? It’d be really nice to have an expressive controller that was also useful in my normal working day.

Yep, you can configure it as a multitouch capable trackpad, configure at which pressure level a click should be triggered etc. Obviously doesn’t have a motor inside and thus no Magic Trackpad style “click simulation”. But very usable.
Just created one big area and assigned “touchpad” mode to it - works as expected on Mac. For Windows there is a specific “Windows 10 Touchpad”.

Obviously you can only configure one mapping for each overlay (with “no overlay” being one of them) at the same time.
Without overlay I have usually configured all four Morphs as continuous XYZ MPE pads (with adjacent 24 semitone ranges). Reconfiguration doesn’t take too long though (you start the SenselApp and select the layout of choice categorized under the particular overlay (or create a new one) and click on transfer. Then the Morph memorizes that mapping until it’s overwritten again.
One interesting aspect is, that all these area types can be mixed. So you could create a smaller touch pad and use the remaining area e.g. for some keyboard keys, joystick elements, a painting area for e.g. Photoshop and of course MIDI/MPE specific areas… If you can find a combination with touchpads, painting areas and whatever that makes sense to you :wink:


OT : This is one of the funniest things about the magicpad … I know its software driven - it still feels really wierd when it goes “lifeless” due to loss of power/connection :slight_smile:
I guess shows how haptic feedback can be a really powerful part of the experience.
(not that the pad is all great, mine disconnects more frequently than i like!)

Worth noting that the typewriter style keyboard overlays include a trackpad area, if that’s something you’re into.

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Yepp, it’s a nice proof of concept. Have that overlay, but honestly not using this too much. As a typewriter keyboard simulation the Morph is also a little bit overkill - yes, you can, but… :slight_smile:

I added that overlay recently. No plans to ever type with it, but there might be some potential in making each key pressure sensitive. 'cause, it’s a familiar layout, and there’s a lot of keys.

Haven’t thought about what to do with the trackpad area yet.


^^interesting idea…

Thanks for the replies. Hopefully they’ll be at Superbooth again this year and I can check it out in more detail.