MPE issue - slide prevents new note (minor)

k, I claim the first bug report :wink:

in MPE mode (say layout 3/alt , grid)

if you play a note, then slide off of it … then you cannot start a new note from that previous position.

say you play C4, and SLIDE to E4, you cannot play the same C4 pad, until you release the touch.

what should happen:
it should create a new touch for the new note
you play C4, and SLIDE to E4… pressing that same C4 pad, should create a new voice starting of C4

you can play C4 in a different position on the surface.

I have to say I mainly noticed this, because I was sliding off the note, and then want to play that same note again… but I hadn’t timed it correctly, so still had slight pressure on the slide note - so it didn’t play the new note.