MPE issue - slide prevents new note (minor)

k, I claim the first bug report :wink:

in MPE mode (say layout 3/alt , grid)

if you play a note, then slide off of it … then you cannot start a new note from that previous position.

say you play C4, and SLIDE to E4, you cannot play the same C4 pad, until you release the touch.

what should happen:
it should create a new touch for the new note
you play C4, and SLIDE to E4… pressing that same C4 pad, should create a new voice starting of C4

you can play C4 in a different position on the surface.

I have to say I mainly noticed this, because I was sliding off the note, and then want to play that same note again… but I hadn’t timed it correctly, so still had slight pressure on the slide note - so it didn’t play the new note.

Second bug report may be… :slight_smile:

With very slow gliding (X movement) from one note to another note (say 4-5 semitones apart). It is trying to quantize it and doing a step transition rather than a smooth glide.
If I set the “smoothing” parameter to “high” under glissando then the note transition happens very slowly and takes a long time to reach target note even when I do a faster slide… It should make the glide smooth rather than making it slow. Has anyone faced this issue? Any pointer on how to achieve smoother glide (especially when transitioned slowly) without messing up the timing of the transition will be appreciated.

yeah, this is all part of the quantisation strategy…
I detailed this here: MPE quantisation

definitely something I hope @embodme work on, as its pretty fundamental if you want to use this as a continuous surface (which I think is a high priority for many of us)

Id suggest emailing them , this way embodme will be able to gauge which ‘issues’ are a priority to users.

I already had a detailed chat conversation with Edgar Hem and he is aware of the issue. He had some suggestions on matching x-abs cc with the synth (not exactly sure what is meant by that). I tweaked with x-abs value with no different result. He said he will create a video on how to achieve smooth (slow) glide. Will wait for that.
By the way, I am not talking about portamento here. Glide and portamento are different.

CC Abs cannot work, it’s only 7 bit, so not enough resolution for any kind of pitch bending.

Pitchbend is 14 bit , which at 48 pitchbend range gives you 0.5 cents accuracy ( assuming your sensor can supply this).

7 bit, even used as an offset and limited to 12 notes slides would be steps of 20 cents !