Mpe recording on iOS

Hello, is there an app, preferably auv3 plugin that could just capture midi from linnstrument, even one complete voice (pitchbends and aftertouch would suffice) in a single instance? Thanks!

Cubasis might be worth a look. It’s not a plugin itself but it can afaik record MPE MIDI events.

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There is this guy, blueveek working on Atom 2.0, a piano roll that is going to be a game changer. Send him a request for MPE (you won’t be the first) and maybe he will do it for a 2.1 or so release.

You find him in the Audiobus forum.

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And there’s Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. It records MPE although not editable and it’s not AU.

I find it a bit unintuitive but there you are.

Also GarageBand

This is exciting news. Atom gets a whole lot of use by me.

Okay, seems like Atom is the most promising thing at the moment.
Gotta try Cubasis for this, since I already have version 2. I just don’t like splitting the workflow between apps.

Have a look at the dev thread on the Audiobus forum. It’s full with crazy features.

Oh and ask for MPE too :wink:

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