Multitrack Studio - midi 2.0 daw

Interesting …


It’s an important step, but are there any synths or controllers to leverage that yet?

Regardless, much appreciated. Someone has to build the infrastructure before we can adorn it…

Roland have an 88 key controller coming out soon with Midi 2.0, that is about all I have heard so far.

… and that new keyboard (A-88Mk2), evidently, has no poly aftertouch or release velocity. :roll_eyes: Hell, it doesn’t even have channel aftertouch!

Erae touch from Embodme. Check the topic on this forum!

yup, chicken n’ egg… why produce midi 2.0 synths, if nothing can take advantage of them.\

I guess it makes sense for software to take the lead on this (as it did with MPE), given it requires a little less investment.

that said, I think a few hardware companies are interested in bridging the gap… Bome have talked about it, and Ive chatted to Electra One about it.
the idea here is about to provide some kind of MIDI-CI bridge/database.

thats the one disappointment in the above annoucement, currently this daw does not have midi-ci support, which I think is argubably the big thing for midi 2.0 … aren’t we all fed up with midi mapping/learn?

(btw: Id love to see Native Instruments take the lead here … NKS could get a midi-ci wrapping, or just moved to midi-ci)