Music theory and Pico layout

I have added single-key chords to the ecMapper plugin. Which I’m happy about, especially for the Pico. But now I’m scratching my head trying to come up with a good default Pico layout using chords. What I’ve come up with so far is bass notes on the right side, chords on the left. Like this (for C major):

The idea was to be able to get a 7th by adding the key directly above (physically, not musically - e.g. adding a A minor to the C major). Not even sure I got that part right, though. Anyone has suggestions on a layout scheme that would work for most cases (assuming I transpose to correct scale)?


That’s great to have ! and good fun to play with on a Pico!!

Your example works; From the looks, adding A is the 6th so Cmaj6.
When released… can’t wait to try it :wink:

Right… So my example should be the opposite, I guess. Adding the E minor to the C major should give me 1. 3. 5. + 3. 5. 7.? Sounds good anyways. :slight_smile:

I’m starting to get used to this layout now, and it seems to work well for standard pop music progressions. I replaced one of those Bdim’s with a B minor, though. Sounds more useful to my ears, even though that F# doesn’t really “belong”…

Cool! Very glad you find it useful. I’m tweaking the velocity calculations at the moment. I felt the values were a bit …erratic, so I want to see if I can end up with something that feels a bit more musical. (I’m adding release velocity as well, while I’m at it).

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Cool!! Back in the time, with chords on one Pico, I didn’t go very far…

I then added a second Pico… and that was fun :wink:

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