My Striso arrived yesterday!

Here is a first jam on the Striso Board. I really like that thing!


Great! It is quite the instrument, isn’t it? Looks and sounds like you’ll be well served. Welcome to the “family,” and I look forward to more of your work! Thanks for sharing.

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I’m kind of in shock about how great the Striso Board is. I own a Linnstrument, and I think the Striso is better for controlling the Y axis because of the tactile feedback those rubbery nipples provide. The note layout is super inspirational too! I’m going to be using this thing a lot going forward.

I’ve been controlling this with it today:


Great job, you seem to be getting good with it really fast!
I love my Striso. I wish there was a way to control the Y without influencing the Z so much…


Nice! I’m looking forward to seeing more from your exploration with the instrument :slight_smile:

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One more!

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Very nice! I am reminded of the old adage:

“Give Eric Clapton my guitar, and he sounds like Eric Clapton. Give me Eric Clapton’s guitar, and I sound like me!”

Happy to see what real musicians might do with Striso!


Something to think of with it. One thing you could do, depending on how you’re processing it, is to have it have a change in the absolute value of Y decrease the effect of pressing Z. It would probably be fiddly to get right, but possible.