My Tritone Layout (+6 Offset) Resources

This is a thread containing resources I have created for the LinnStrument’s tritone layout (+6 offset). Currently, I have four documents for public release:

  1. Chord Diagrams - Four Fingers
  2. Chord Diagrams Quick Reference - Four Fingers
  3. Finger Diagrams
  4. Fretboard Diagram (7-35)

I used LibreOffice and the ChordDiagrams extension by Kai Struck. Unless otherwise noted, all resources created and provided by me are released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

Special thanks to Miles Parker for their ongoing contributions and development of the tritone layout.

LinnStrument Tritone (89.0 KB)


When I owned a Linnstrument, I found the tritone setup the most comfortable for chord voicings for my hands. I see I wasn’t the only one.

I find the chord shapes pretty difficult, but that is because most of the voicings I use in the Quick Reference document span 5 columns or more. Any chord shapes using 4 columns or less are easier to perform.