NAMM 2019 - what was interesting?


Namm is over,
did anyone see anything interesting to the poly expression community?

a few things, that I thought were interesting…
Im sure I missed others, given the mass of videos released … so let me know :slight_smile:

Midi 2.0

midi 2.0 has reached the next stage, “ready for prototyping”,
this is important news for the future, hopefully MIDI-CI in particular is going to make integration of device much easier, and we get higher definition midi… all great stuff for expressive instruments.

Sensel Morph

Sensel Morph seems to be developing nicely, more musical applications - the Buchla Thunder overlay looks fun.

GigPerformer v3

GP3 , a live performance environment, that a few of us use… just keeps getting better!

Expressive é - Arché Physical Modelling Plugins

I think these are monophonic, but sound great, certainly expressive!
anyone tried them yet? how well do they perform on things other than the expressive-e ‘pedal’?

La Voix Du Luthier

wow, these just sound great, nothing more to say really… and we get a glimpse of it in action with the Continuum… did see/hear anything on the Continuumini, is this near shipping now?

Bitwig 3

I guess a few of us use Bitwig given its MPE support… and now they add a virtual modular environment, Im looking forward to try this out, as it looks simple to use and should be MPE compatible!

have I missed something which excited you?



Looks like you probably covered everything. I did pre order that Buchla Thunder overlay for my Sensel Morph along with their design your own controller overlay.

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cool, I’d be interested to hear more about the buchla thunder when it turns up… it looks like a great match for the Morph.



So as far as I understand a lot of the power of the 223e in Buchla-land has to do with the module as much as the surface. Does the Sensei software recreate that aspect?

Going by posts on the Continuum group on FB, it would seem that some units have been shipped.



Re ContinuuMini: They sent out email to Kickstarter backers a few days ago. They’ve shipped the first 25, but based on feedback are working on ways to reduce mechanical noise. “If you are a backer in the range #26 to #60, our best estimate is you will have your ContinuuMini within two weeks.” In the past, they’ve said they can make about a dozen a week; I’m #298 (out of 309) so it’s gonna be a while…

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Mine is also further down the line. But no hurry, enough stuff to have fun with in the meantime :slight_smile:
Some people like @BobTheDog and I think also @keymanpal already got theirs afaik - congrats! Interesting times ahead!

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Show report…KVR



For me, its always fun moments ala “its a wrap” (this year was very fast to come out :wink:



I think bitwig is a good thing because I hope helps to push all daws in the same direction with mpe.

The Sensei does look promising with the swappable mats. I’ve been meaning to look into the sensing technology used there to help me get an idea of how I could use it.



I get excited about the Synesthesia Corp. offerings. The Mandala drum was pretty cool when it came out and into it’s own. This year, Pipes might actually succeed where the Open Labs Neko failed years ago (although it was a cool proof-of-concept, it wasn’t ready to go to market).