Need help finding some MPE midi recordings

Thank you all for the insights guys, wow this forum is really awesome! It is so fun experimenting with the MPE and tinkering with the midi 2.0.

I ended up doing something like this. It appears to work pretty good with Haken controllers in “127” mpe mode, also works good with the Rise controller. I will test soon the Osmose controller and see if it can be accommodated for the bright or poly cc87 and pressure mechanism .


It appears that only poly voices of the synth/filter/model section will respond to note expressions. If used on an effect that is single voice processing it takes the last note CC value.

I can route regular midi CC global pitch bend to channel 1 and it appears I can use a mix of signals note expressions or regular CC’s.

I am getting a much better picture of how to hook the source controllers to the destinations. Thanks again everyone for the help this group is super knowledgeable.

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Hello all and thank you for your help last week! I started development on a virtual instrument plugin and have formed a small test group on FB. There is a beta PC VST3 version available and a MAC VST3 and AU version coming soon. If you have some spare time and would like to help ensure compatibility with MPE controllers and tinker around a bit with a plugin I would very much appreciate it. It contains 2 VCO and 2 physical models a string and tube.

Find me on facebook if you are interested and I can add you to the test group.

or email me at

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