New Axoloti clone now available

Sebiik’s Ksoloti core has made it to Thonk.

cool… looks interesting.
for easy reference,
here is the comparison sheet against Axoloti

what’s nice about this is, its more focused on DIY… though, that also means its only useful to those wanting to yield a soldering iron :slight_smile: (as there are no audio jacks on board)

I’m a bit surprised they didn’t take the opportunity to upgrade the processor, or add more sdram.
though, this approach means they didn’t need to update/re-write the firmware, so much less dev effort, and means broader compatibility. its nice to see the move to usb-c !
~75 gbp not bad price, don’t know how easy it is for them to ship to EU.

anyway, good news… sounds like (for now) solves the hardware availability issue (for some), but doesn’t look like they putting effort into the software (understandably) as they are still using the 1.0.12 build from axoloti.

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