New category - "Advanced Sound Design & Music Tech Development"

so, Ive created a new category which Ive been considering for a while…

I admit the title is a bit ‘meh’, so if you can think of something better let me know…

anyway, the idea is quite a simple one.

the internet today is full of some wonderful resources on electronic music technology,
this includes alot of resources on how we build this tech, or ideas for how we might build it, or the more theoretical side of sound design.

often these wont appeal to many musicians, as they are ‘long form’… and are not aiming to provide quick solutions, like much of the internet (“How to make a techno track in 15 minutes” :wink: )

I wanted a place for these wonderful and valuable resources to be collected together.

anyway, if you come across things that are a bit more ‘in depth’ , even if they are older, please add them to the category.

Ive already added a few that I really like, or have recently seen…

of course, the category could also be used for more general discussion in this area, and I will move a few topics that feel appropriate in due course. (though no promises, that’ll be consistent in this!)

btw: though its better if you have watched them, so can recommend. feel free to add ones that you haven’t yet watched, but plan too…then come back afterwards and let us know what you think.

btw2: these are going to be very eclectic… for sure, some may be highly technical, or more focused at developers - a lot of them wont be, they are just ‘long form’.
also, Ive found often, I watch these when Im not that interested in the subject, just to get the ‘gist’ or inspiration from them…so I encourage whatever your background, to take a peak !


It couldn’t be better, I’m looking for resources around sound design and synthesis.
Thanks for creating this new category!


This is fantastic, thank you for setting it up. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on sound design in reference to the Striso and how to take advantage of pressure controls to make complex sound. This resource will be great.