New CME Bluetooth MIDI (50% discount)

CME have a couple of interesting new MIDI Bluetooth accessories coming out shortly, currently with a 50% discount on pre-orders.

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I’ve been a lurker for a while, but I finally created an account to reply to your thread, since I’m very interested in converting my setup to MIDI bluetooth.

However, I am having trouble figuring out what I need exactly; perhaps you can help me figure it out:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit (computer has plenty of USB 3.0+ type-A sockets)

Audio/MIDI interface: Clarett 8 pre Thunderbolt (has one 5-pin MIDI-in and one 5-pin MIDI-out as well as USB to connect to computer)

Mixing controller: Solid State Logic UF8 (MIDI over USB)

Instrument controller: Embodme Erae Touch (MIDI over 1/8" TRS or USB)

Synthesizers: Novation Peak and Sequential OB-6 (both have 5-pin MIDI ins and outs as well as MIDI over USB)

Thanks a lot in advance!