New Firmware and Editor: Public Beta 9.5

Have fun with new presets and more “sliding” away.


20 characters of Yay!

Looking forward to finding some time to explore this. I’d seen from the FB group there were some users reporting issues with the update. Hopefully nothing major.

Well… better wait for a new version, if you didn’t upgrade just yet :wink:

Edit: randomly some users reporting missing formulas GUI, and loading user presets via menu (you can still drag n’ drop)

It’s not so much waiting for me me, as finding time to do the update. Work getting in the way of music time!

I did the update. One thing that seems broken is the ability to display the preset list from the editor. Editor just freezes when you hit that option.

One thing that was fixed was previously my Buchla Command 208c with Host module wouldn’t connect to the mini without a computer. It now works plugged direct into my c-mini. Previously there was a USB bug that prevented this.

There’s a 9.51 version available now, which fixed the big problems with 9.50 that I was seeing:

  • the matrix always displayed as empty;
  • the formula list to the right of the matrix wasn’t there; and
  • loading a preset from file always failed, defaulting to the first user preset.

Is this just an editor update or device too?

Both the Editor and the firmware were upgraded.

Tried it - still have the problem with the biggest bug I saw. List of Presets causes the editor to time out (on windows at least).

And oddly I didn’t see the bugs you were seeing in 9.5 (tho didn’t try loading one of my own presets).

I’m on macOS so…

Trying to update? ContinuuMini? to What windows version?

I know its Facebook, but over there Richard Kram can help his on both platforms.

I will die before going on Facebook! Lol. Not sure why companies think Facebook only isn’t a customer support problem.

On the most current Windows 10 version. But the fact that you’re on MacOs would explain the wide differences in experience for sure. I have a mini and a half size. Both have the same results (tho my mini won’t do i2c with my CVC for some reason, but that’s not important).

Updates all worked ok, tho I did get in a update loop for a bit with my half size. Just the editor won’t let me make a preset list without hanging, which as things approach 600 presets becomes an annoyance. This always worked fine before.

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Well, I was just trying to help…

Lippold or Edmund I’m sure they respond back.

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Yes they are amazing. And no dig on you at all! Totally appreciate your chiming in!

Overall I’m loving the new update even if there are a few odd bumps in the road.

9.52 is out as of February 12. (No idea yet what’s new/different/fixed – they’re apparently not big on release notes.)


9.53 is out! As of February 22


9.54 out as of March 8.


I upgraded last weekend. Which of course means - new version Beta 9.55 out today… :joy:

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