New firmware update


This firmware is only meant for customers who have just received a new Osmose from the warehouse and never performed an update on it before. If you already updated your Osmose once then we strongly advise you to skip this version of the firmware, unless our technical support instructed you to install it.
With the OsmoseUpdater 1.1.4 and below, an update might result in the loss of all user presets. We are currently working on a fix for this issue that will be integrated into the next version of OsmoseUpdater.

Osmose Firmware v1.0.3 12/01/2023


  • Improved: display of instructions during dsp update in order to avoid impression of a stuck process.

Keys calibration

  • Improved: calibration initialization
  • Fixed: erratic behavior that occurs sometimes when keys are pressed very lightly and bent to one side

Other fixes

  • Fixed: Wrong behavior when activating freeze in playing menu with no playing option selected
  • Fixed: Popups not appearing when Osmose was turned on for a longer time

OsmoseUpdater v1.1.4 12/01/2023


  • Improved: better instructions during update to avoid confusion during the update process


  • Fixed: osmose connectivity issue due to MIDI outputs name changing depending of language

Other fixes

  • Improved: information saved in log files
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this is kind of strange… (advising users not to install an update)

only reason I can think of for this , assuming its ‘not risky’ (which you’d hope is not the case), is perhaps they have a more substantial update in the works, so this is an interim release to just help with initial onboarding? ( * )

this would explain the only install if you have to approach, as you’ll get these fixes ‘soon enough’ anyway.

( * ) so the main feature is the ‘better instructions during dsp update’

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This in upsetting… so if users already have 1.0 and go update to 1.0.3 still erasing user presets.
Better avoid it altogether.

you can backup using the Eagan Matrix Editor…

also, Expressive E have said

so this is perhaps the update I thought they might have in the works :slight_smile:


It’s almost like they just tweaked the V1.13 firmware a bit and are saying if you have 1 its worth the update to 1.14 otherwise its not worth bothering until the (hopefully soon) release another updated that doesn’t wipe user pre-sets ( a more incremental update)

That said, I have only saved a few pre-sets as a way of favouriting so its tempting to update anyway!

The advice probably does stem from the combination of not too many fixes being included, and the fact that the failure of the current updater to backup user patches creates some support headache/user complaints for them. So they would probably rather that most users waited until they’ve improved the updater app so that it backs up and restores user presets.


Working for a company which produces complex software I can tell: usually there are patches, which update from any previous release, and there are hotfixes, which rely on a dedicated software status, which is updated. Those hotfixes later will be taken over in the generic patch release later.

To my opinion this is such a hotfix.

btw: hello everyboady. I am Florian from Munich, happy Osmose user.


Welcome fellow Munich citizen and Osmose user :slight_smile:

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Osmose Firmware v1.0.6 13/02/2023

now on Login


  • Fixed: Tags disappearing in bottom bar when navigating with buttons
  • Fixed: Minor issues in preset filtering
  • Improved: Behavior of Encoders
  • Improved: Information displayed during update procedures


  • Improved: Sensors’ initialization and sanity checks
  • Feature: Allow manual sensor reset from global settings


  • Fixed: Removed special characters “/” and “*” in user preset names to avoid issues with preset saving