New Striso board firmware with pedal support, sustain, and more

The just released firmware v2.2.1 adds pedal support, and with that and extra parameter for the builtin synthesizer: sustain/decay time, which can also be used without a pedal.

Please share your experiences! Especially for the jack autodetection it would be nice to know if it works well with different pedals and midi devices.


Guess I’ll post this here about my experiences using external synths:

The midi adapter I am using:

Synths used with direct connection from Striso via adaptor and midi cable: Black Corp Deckard’s Dream and Ise-nin (mostly) MPE mode, Micromac testing as non-MPE. I also tested using Cirklon 2 as an intermediary. All good with the previous version.

Today i got my adapter for the sustain pedal. Autodetection didnt work but with a preset it works fine. Im using a nektar Np-2

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