Noisy from Expressive-e

Although NOT MPE… (maybe in the near future, who knows…)

(yours truly did some beta testing and suggestions :wink:


What did you think of it?

Well… words to describe sound and process, always hard.

To me, it does has its unique character/flavor.

What we witness these days, in pursuit of something new is this kind of inversion of things.
Big > small, chaos > order …
Noisy starting point: noise (many/all frequencies) to shaping a timber; instead of commonly one sine/square/triangle wave and its harmonics…

Physical modeling foray; keeps on giving - I’m always a fan.

“Dual-engine” - Layer 1 and 2, maximum poly of 8 voices and supports multithreading. Exposes 275 parameters, easy MIDI mapping (midi learn) of 8 of any of them.


Hmm, tempting… I’m fond of the Touché, so still useful for me without MPE.

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yeah Touché with dedicated Noisy presets :wink:
I don’t have one (you can’t have them all) maybe now the perfect excuse!

From the publicity, I couldn’t discern whether it processes external signals, or only internal stimuli. Can you enlighten us?

It does NOT process external signal.

Thank you very much!

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Anybody knows if MPE is on their roadmap?

And another question: what are your experiences with iLock? I don’t hear good things about it and it seems Expressive-E only works with it.