Odd possible bug in Recorder on Tau?

So, lately while improvising and jamming, I started using the recorder functionality from the factory setups to do backing / chords to play over top of.

Something surprised me however. I map the breath controller to filter cutoff and rezo in my software synths to do filter sweeps and change expression. None of that gets recorded. The notes I play get recorded, as does pitch bend, but exploring a little more, the breath controller and strip position do not appear to be recorded using recorder.

The breath expression does appear to be recorded when in clarinet mode, but not in anything else.

It’s not a major focus for me, and I can work around it, but it seems odd that this part of the expression doesn’t get it’s midi recorded by recorder. Of course, if I use a DAW with VST hosting and use the MIDI agent, it records the right MIDI in the DAW, but the standalone recorder agent doesn’t seem to for anything other than clarinet mode.

Looking at workbench for the factory setup, it is not obvious to me why this is the case. I was curious if anyone else had noticed this and knows how to change the factory setup to “fix” this.

For now I can just go thru Live or Cubase and record loops there with a punch in and out foot pedal, but this just strikes me as odd and something I’d like to address if someone can point me in the right direction.

I recall some things did not record, but never had an understanding of the recorder/scheduler agents…

Strip position is recorded in pico 1 standard setup.

Don’t think what gets recorded is MIDI…

Sorry not much of a help here.


Yes, strip position appears to be recorded on Tau as well, but not breath. Looking through the setups and how the recorder is linked there are no linkages, nor do there appear to be any way to link the breath control expression. I spent a few hours trying different things and nothing worked.

I think the keygroup agent has a breath input, but no co-responding output, so I think it just isn’t possible with the keyboard agent for a Tau.

For a midi setup, the keboard agent talks directly to the midi agents, so the breath expressiveness does show up when recording events in a DAW or via midiOX, but it doesn’t seem that it’s possible to send them to the recorder agent. Unless, as I hope, I am just missing something.