Osmose documentation and resources

Does Expressive E provide any any documentation beyond the very short Quick Start Guide and the so-called “Online Manual” (actually just a few knowledge base articles)?

Sweetwater has their own: https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/expressive-e-osmose-quickstart-guide/

What I really want to know at the moment is what the threaded sockets on the back panel are for.


Expressive E have said the sockets are for ‘accessories’ , but have not said what (if any) they are planning on releasing. but think, things like sheet music stands, or perhaps holder for things like iPads.
( they mentioned this in their presentation video with Sonic State)

a few have been using for this, and other things like laptops and other keyboards.
I think just be careful you don’t put too much weight on them, as we haven’t seen internal support/attachment, so too much weight might cause issues.

as for documentation…
the other important source of information can be found at the Haken Audio website, as they produce the sound engine.

the Eagan Matrix user guide covers the details of how to create sounds etc.

perhaps, ‘surprisingly’ alot of the information in the Continuum User Guide is also very relevant.
as this talks about features of the Eagan Matrix from a ‘players perspective’, rather than the for creating presets … so covers things like midi cc’s that are available, voicing modes etc.
… so, this is worth browsing through.

my assumptions for mid term would be…
perhaps EE will create a variation of the Continuum user guide for the Osmose, or perhaps Haken will update it to cover the Osmose.
however, the eagan matrix user guide (aka creating presets) will remain the main source for creating presets… there is not really anything osmose specific in this area.

but really it doesn’t matter, the information is there… and frankly, the Eagan Matrix is pretty complex, there is no avoiding that… you either want to dive in or not, no amount of re-writing of manuals will change that :wink:


Richard Kram, the (volunteer) maintainer of the EaganMatrix guides and Continuum docs is actively working on an Osmose+EaganMatrix Cookbook, similar to the existing Continuum EaganMatrix cookbook. Even posted early versions in the Osmose FB group. Keys to Osmose presets are being careful to expose macros with good descriptions that show up on the Osomose, and the different way Z/Y work on the Osmose vis a vis the Continuii. The loopop video has a nice demo of editing a preset and how the text description is coded to surface the labels, value and icon on the Osmose display. Basically on Osmose, Y is aftertouch – the second part of vertical key travel. This means that any nonzero Y happens with Z at maximum, versus on Continuum, Y and Z are independent and concurrent.


Speaking of Richard Kram, and videos addressing that specific EaganMatrix concern…


Just as a complement about sockets: there will be multiple use of them, and one will be shown at NAMM this weekend to hook an Onde to the Osmose :blush:


It’s possible I’m getting a le Voile for my birthday. I wonder if it can fasten the Osmose like the Onde – maybe not - it’s thicker. Doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t have an Osmose, either! Maybe some day it will be in the budget.