Our new Tic Tic album "Comfort in the Echo"

Some of you know that I make music together with my wife as “Tic Tic”. Yesterday we released our first full length album on vinyl and CD (+ spotify, etc). We’ve been working on this for 4+ years and a ridiculous amount of hours, so I’m very excited to finally being able to share the results!

Polyexpressive instruments are a very important part of our sound (and live act). Especially the Eigenharp. It is used all over the place. Some Axoloti + Seaboard blocks stuff here and there as well.

I hope you will take the time to give it a listen. We will need all the help we can get to promote it, so anything from facebook followers (@ticticmusic), social media shares, promotion tips, etc. will be much apprecieated. :slight_smile:


…btw, we also premiered a music video for one of the tracks yesterday. We are very pleased with how it turned out. :slight_smile:


Sounds good, congrats to the achievement!
Did you also record some videos that show you two playing the instruments? The blinkyness of an Eigenharp can be magic!

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Thanks! Hmm. We have some Eigenharp footage, but haven’t shared any of it yet. One idea we have been toying with is doing a video recording of a Wavedrum, Eigenharp and Onde somewhere outdoors. I guess we could try to do it when it is a bit dark so that the lights look nice. :slight_smile:


Congrats Kai :wink: well done.
Success to future adventures!

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Thank you! We have received some album reviews here and there by now, and they have been very positive. Several are mentioning the Eigenharp especially. Example: “for all the electronica, it’s a remarkably natural sounding album. A lot of this, I assume, is down to the band’s extensive use of the Eigenharp”. :smiley: Seeing my favourite instrument in the world get a bit of attention makes me happy. :slight_smile:


wow, excellent @Kai - congratulations.
love the music, and the video is fantastic.

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Thanks for listening. :slight_smile: I programmed the lights in the video from the Octatrack, btw. Via one of these: http://response-box.com/gear/decabox-midi-to-dmx-bridge/

Probably easier to just use dedicated software, but since I use it live as an easy way to have the lights follow whatever I’m doing on the OT I just did it the way I was already used to.

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Wow that’s cool - it’s a good way to synchronize the music and lights.

I’ve got an eyesy ( critter and guitari) and when I get time (!) I’m planning on doing some graphics and thought I’d sequence some aspects of it.
(Eyesy responds to both audio and midi)